Time or Space

Making a purchase decision on a home and what town that home is located in certainly presents a myriad of variables to consider. Though, despite the complexity of this analysis, it often boils down to this one simple choice: time or space.

You can choose a home much closer to your work place, saving time commuting. Time is fleeting, it’s the only thing we can’t create more of. To save time, space is often substantially compromised. One less bedroom, one less bathroom, less privacy, increased population density. Maybe a smaller home is more affordable and you won’t need to work as much to afford it. That means time saved, too.

Alternatively, by trading time for a longer commute, you will almost always gain more space. That big bonus room, an extra acre or two, more privacy, lower population density.

The name of this blog, Time or Space, is a nod to this concept.

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