Living in the Lordship Neighborhood of Stratford, Connecticut

Lordship is a sleepy, quiet waterfront neighborhood on Connecticut’s Gold Coast which overlooks and is surrounded by Long Island Sound. Settlers first arrived here in 1639 when it was originally known as Great Neck. It’s been said that Lordship is a “town within a town” because it feels so different from the rest of Stratford. I would agree with that. In fact, the first time I came here, the drive over the causeway reminded me of Old Saybrook, another Connecticut shoreline town where I grew up.

When my wife and I were newly married and looking to buy our first home in 2016, we began looking in Lordship. That Old Saybrook familiarity led us to place an offer on a wonderful 1950 cape on First Avenue with views of the Sound from the front yard. We couldn’t believe how affordable the price was. We were outbid by the only other offer which was $32,000 over the asking price.

This beach enclave features several public as well as private beaches; Long Beach and Short Beach are two public town beaches available for all Stratford Town residents who acquire a beach parking pass. In the middle, Russian Beach is for town residents only. For trips to Long or Short Beach: as of 2020, the daily rate for non-residents was $20 Monday-Thursday and $40 per day from Friday to Sunday.

The North end of Lordship features Sikorsky Memorial Airport, the only airport in Fairfield County. This airport provides some great visual entertainment for beach goers, who can watch small aircraft gliding low over the Sound and beach as they come in to land. It is a really unique part of Southern Connecticut, and is just another piece of aviation history that makes Stratford great.

The Historic Curtiss Hangar in Lordship, Stratford

Next to the runway is the historic 1929 Curtiss Hangar, which has seen visitors such as Igor Sikorsky, Amelia Earhart, Charles Lindbergh, Juan Trippe, and Howard Hughes. After years of going derelict, the building is scheduled to be renovated and turned into an aviation museum. Let’s hope this project is completed within the next few years.

Restoration in Progress

Traveling further down Stratford Road to Park Boulevard will lead you to some incredible views of the Sound. Homes here run the gamut; they vary from the affordable vintage cape or ranch all the way up to large modern homes and even some new construction. Several new homes were completed in 2019-2020 and a few are under construction now in October 2020.

New Home Construction on Park Boulevard, October 2020
View from Great Neck, Stratford
Beach Walk in Lordship, Stratford

On Summer nights, groups of young people can be seen riding around on long boards, bicycles and Vespa scooters down to the beach. The beach life vibe is alive and well in the Lordship neighborhood. This is truly an idyllic place to grow up: all of the benefits of a small beach town life, conveniently located just one hour to New York City. If you enjoy access to the Sound, water front homes and an active lifestyle, this place just might be for you. This is Stratford’s best kept secret.

Ocean front home in Lordship, Stratford
Long Island Sound Views in Lordship, Stratford

The center of Lordship offers few amenities such as: a small deli, a pizza shop and a convenience store. The newly renovated Surf Side hotel and Little Pub are popular new spots to visit right on the beach. Recently, a zoning change was made in the area to allow for more commercial development. Like the rest of Stratford, Lordship is no longer forgotten and the area is seeing new money funding the thoughtful development that it deserves.

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