New Construction Completed on Lordship’s Margherita Lawn

Remember last week’s post about the rare double lots in Stratford, Connecticut? Well, it looks like another one has bitten the dust with the completion of a new subdivision. The owner at 98 Margherita Lawn has subdivided the property and sold it off for a new house to be constructed next door – or so we think. Based on town records, this empty lot next to 98 Margherita Lawn was last sold in 2004 for $74,166. It was just recently sold to a property developer in February 2019 for $130,000.

The owner of 98 Margherita Lawn appears to have also sold their house on August 20 of this year 2020 for $480,000. That home was last purchased in 2004 for $74,166. With the home sale and lot sale combined, that is not a bad payday! With home prices in Stratford getting frothy again, it looks like the property owner made a great choice cashing in and moving on. Then again, they will no longer live in this great community a short walk to the beach.

Taxes on the home in 2004 are listed as being $4,669. In 2020, property taxes have swelled to an incredible $11,771. That represents a 152% increase in property taxes in that period; meanwhile median wage growth has averaged only 3% growth per year. To see actual wage growth rate charts click here. Town governments can make it hard to hold onto a good thing.

So, what was constructed on this lot that sold for $130,000? A beautiful new cape style home with three dormer windows has just reached completion, and looks like it will be 100% complete very soon. With new construction there is no need to worry about home repair for a long time, which is a huge plus. We’ll keep you updated when the listing goes live.

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Information posted is merely the opinion of Time or Space for entertainment purposes only. All information published can be found in Town Records which is made available to the Public.

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