30-Year Fixed Mortgage Rate Falls to Record Low for 11th Time This Year

Mortgage rates in the US have fallen again to a new record low. The average rate for a fixed thirty year mortgage fell to 2.8% a rate so low it has historically only been seen on 15 year fixed mortgages. Now might be a great time to refinance or consider a cash-out refinance if you have built up equity that you want to tap into. Keep in mind that cash out refinancing will typically result in a slightly higher rate than this historic low. The more equity you cash out, the higher the rate will be.

When I purchased my home in October 2016, exactly four years ago, the best rate available was 3.5% which was a very good rate back then. If you are in the position to find a modest home for a fair price in today’s market, the 2.8% rate is a really great long-term rate. Then again, experts are predicting rates will continue to slide this year and possibly into early next year.

The falling mortgage borrowing rates are just one more variable putting upward pressure on home prices; while rates may be historically low, the combination of low inventory in the suburbs and strong demand is pricing out a lot of people despite the opportunity to lock in a low rate. As rates climb once again, moving or buying a new home becomes less attractive, easing pressure and prices in the market.

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