93 Brewster Street, Stratford, Connecticut

Just on the market is an extraordinary oversized cape home in the heart of Paradise Green neighborhood of Stratford, Connecticut. This home is nestled just off one of the most beautiful streets in all of Stratford: Plymouth Street. Plymouth and Brewster are two of the most sought after streets to live on – homes here are usually long term ownership, just like this one. 93 Brewster last sold in 2010 for $329,000. It’s now available for the first time in 10 years at a very reasonable $375,000. Considering what smaller homes in less ideal areas are selling for, I would say this house will likely sell over the asking price.

Brewster’s Pond Looking North

This Brewster Street home is only one house away from Brewster’s Pond, a beautiful and popular spot for walkers and runners in Paradise Green. Here is a view from the other side of the pond looking towards the home.

Brewster’s Pond Looking South

Stepping out of your front door, you would be about a 10 second walk from this view of Brewster’s Pond looking South. Heading the other direction would put you right on Main Street in Paradise Green. This house has an excellent location and we think it will sell fast.

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