1939 Colonial at 9 Elk Terrace, Stratford, Connecticut

The 1939 Colonial home at 9 Elk Terrace in Stratford, Connecticut has been under construction and renovation most of 2019 and 2020. It appears the home will be finished soon and will hit the market shortly. This large home has been expanded and completely renovated top to bottom and it looks like a new house. They have done an incredible job at this property.

9 Elk Terrace

The home sits right at the end of Elk Terrace and corner of Glendale road overlooking Brewster’s Pond. From the front of the house, you can see the entrance to Longbrook Park. It is an ideal location for a family with children, just a short walk to athletic fields, the park, Brewster’s Pond or across the pond up to the shops and restaurants on Main Street in Stratford.

The view of 9 Elk Terrace from Longbrook Park

One thing is for sure: when this property finally hits the market there might be a bidding war to win this home. A great comp for this home is 59 Elk Terrace, a few houses down, which just went contingent. That home was listed on the market in October 2020 for $424,900. Number 59 has 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms and 1,861 square feet. If I were to guess, this house might hit the market in the $450,000 range.

Longbrook Park

Here you can see the park on a Sunday afternoon in Autumn, 2020. A football team practice together in the distance, and the youth playground is pictured in the foreground. From the back of the home, a view of Brewster’s pond is in full view. Imagine all of the mindful moments you could enjoy looking out at the ducks floating across the pond from your living room window.

Brewster’s Pond October 2020

The home sits above large stone retaining walls along the paved path that is popular with walkers, runners and families pushing strollers. This quiet area of Paradise Green was one of Stratford’s best kept secrets. With the influx of New Yorkers snapping up homes in town this year, the secret is out.

View of 9 Elk terrace from below

According to public tax records, it appears this home was kept with one family from 1940 through at least 2006. The home was sold in September 2019 for an incredible low price of $169,100. The property has been under construction since about that time.

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Information posted is merely the opinion of Time or Space for entertainment purposes only. All information published can be found in Town Records which is made available to the Public.

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