Longbrook Park in Stratford, Connecticut

One of the most unique parks in the Fairfield County town of Stratford, Connecticut is Longbrook Park. Yesterday, we posted here about a new home overlooking the park which is going to hit the market soon. This park has new athletic fields where baseball and football games are held, along with a track and children’s playground. One hundred years ago this property was actually a swamp and farm land which was converted to a park in the 1920’s and 1930’s. The land was donated to the town by Elliot Peck.

In August of 1912, the U.S. Army arrived in Stratford to perform military training exercises. This was known as the Camp Lee war maneuvers that took place along the park’s current area and Walter Wilcoxson’s neighboring farm land. Today, the farm land is long gone, developed for suburban homes in Paradise Green. What’s left is the 34 acre park we know today. For amazing original historic photos of the camp in 1912, see this book on Stratford here.

Entrance to Longbrook Park
Longbrook Park Playground

Do you have a favorite park in your town? Does it have a unique history like Stratford? Let us know in the comments below.

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