Muted Purple and Pink Toned 1920 Bungalow in Stratford, Connecticut

One home that has always caught my eye in Stratford’s Paradise Green neighborhood is a 1920 Bungalow at 62 Glenwood Ave. This historic home is now 100 years old and looks as well designed as it ever has. The exterior has a sun-kissed, muted pink and purple tone that looks wonderful as the afternoon sun hits the front door. A red maple tree stands tall out front, a tree which must be at least one-hundred years old, too. Mature neighborhoods just exude a charm that new developments just can’t recreate.

1920 Bungalow in Paradise Green

According to public tax records, it has not been sold since 1991. That’s not surprising; why would one ever leave this special home’s great location? Take a look at the dead-end road it sits upon at the corner of Reed Street. The street is lined with maple trees that tower above the homes bursting with fall color. This street view could be right out of a scene from a 1982 Hollywood movie, like Steven Spielberg’s E.T.

Glenwood Ave in Paradise Green

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Information posted is merely the opinion of Time or Space for entertainment purposes only. All information published can be found in Town Records which is made available to the Public.

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