New Construction in Stratford’s Paradise Green Just Listed for $469,000

Just a few weeks ago we reported that 224 Wakelee Ave in Stratford’s Paradise Green neighborhood appeared to be nearing completion. On Friday, November 6 the home was finally listed on the market at a whopping $469,000.

This is significantly more expensive than the newly constructed home just down the street at 115 Arcadia Ave that sold in 2017. That home, 115 Arcadia, sold in October 2017 at $405,000. It featured 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms and 2,284 square feet of space.

Today, 224 Wakelee Ave features 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms and 1,900 square feet of space. It appears that 115 Arcadia was a good buy back in 2017 after all. To be fair, you can’t really compare the housing market of 2017 to that of 2020 – things have changed so much for Stratford in those three years.

The housing market in Stratford has changed dramatically since 2017, and most of that demand growth came in 2020 with the COVID-19 Pandemic as New Yorkers flee to the suburbs. There is little new construction in Paradise Green today, though there may be one or two homes available nearby on Cutspring Road. However, Wakelee Ave is a much better location, just down the road from Wilcoxson Elementary and walkable to all that Paradise Green has to offer.

A new driveway was just added to this completed construction and the home looks great. We expect that it will sell fast, just like everything else in this neighborhood in the Fall of 2020. Zillow predicts the home price index for 06614 to rise about 9% in 2021; experts say the demand for suburban homes in this area will continue to grow through 2021 with no signs of slowing down any time soon.

New Driveway Completed on Stratford’s Wakelee Avenue

What do you think this one will sell for? We will throw in a prediction of $449,000. Check back in a few months to see what the sale price was!

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Edit November 9, 2020

As of 11/9/2020 this home is Contingent!

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