2020 Year End Summary: Stratford, Connecticut Real Estate Market

As 2020 comes to a close, there is no sign of the housing market slowing down in Connecticut. According to Zillow (and from our own observations) Stratford’s 06614 zip code saw housing prices rise by an incredible 12.5% over the past 12 months. The upward trend is expected to continue by another 11.5% next year in 2021. Home prices continue to rise in Stratford as New Yorkers continue to flee high cost housing and high taxes to Fairfield County Connecticut’s relative bargain pricing. It truly is a bargain when compared to New York City and Westchester rates.

Historically, Stratford has been the most affordable town in Fairfield County. It largely still holds this title, though prices are rising to meet the strong demand from homebuyers looking for more space in town. Stratford is a mix of suburban and shoreline neighborhoods that experienced widespread development after World War II in the 1950’s through the 1960’s. For the most part, any land worthy of development has been developed long ago.

With strong prices and demand in 2020 however, new construction has taken off again in 06614. Developers have found the few remaining buildable lots to build on, now that prices support such development. Town officials seem eager to grant any permit that brings new tax base to town.

Lordship, the beautiful shoreline neighborhood has seen both tear-downs with new homes built as well as once vacant lots sold and permitted for new building. We also wrote about this beautiful new home newly constructed on Park Boulevard this year. In the Paradise Green neighborhood in the North-end of town, more new construction was seen at Cutspring road adjacent to the Mill River Country Club golf course. Three new homes all next to each other were built in 2020 with the third home nearing completion as of December 27, 2020.

Another new construction at the North-end located on Wakelee ave recently went under contract at $469,000 within just one week of being listed in the fall of 2020. On the West-end of town near the Bridgeport line, new construction is seen there, too. Perry lane has two new listings which are currently offered for customization (pre-construction) at $495,000 for 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom homes with two-car attached garages.

Fairfield County’s best kept secret, I’m afraid to say, is no longer a secret. With new buyers and investment coming in from New York, prices and a competitive market are here to stay for the foreseeable future.

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Moving from New York City to Connecticut in a Pandemic

According to data recently reported by the New York Times, as many as 10,000 or more people fled New York City for the Connecticut suburbs in search of safety in the form of more space. The current pandemic that we are living through has forced many city residents to cut their time in NYC short and make the decision to buy a house a little earlier than maybe they had planned to. The situation has been especially hard on families with young children at home, where trying to balance working from home with the entire family sharing a small city apartment space has been challenging.

With the exodus from NYC to CT that began in Spring 2020, many people are evaluating the various communities and towns Connecticut has to offer. The further away from NYC you get, the more affordable and spacious housing becomes. Stamford, Greenwich and Darien are generally a 40-50 minute commute into Grand Central on Metro North which is one reason housing is so expensive in those towns. Further out, Westport becomes a great option for families, as this town offers some of the highest rated school systems in the entire country.

Choosing a community to live in is usually based on budget range and also what one is willing to compromise on. It’s no surprise that the Fairfield County towns with the best school systems close to New York City will have the most expensive homes. There are some bargains to be found within a reasonable commuting distance however, in towns like Fairfield and Stratford.

Stratford is currently the most affordable town in Fairfield County, though home prices are rising fast here too due to the small supply of available homes for sale. To read more about the state of the Connecticut housing market in Fairfield County, read our recent report here.

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