Stratford’s Spooky 1930 Tudor House on Halloween

This spooky vintage 1930 Tudor style home looks exactly like what I’d imagine when reading the classic tale of Hansel and Gretel. Its beautiful brick, stucco and gingerbread exterior with peaked arches and rounded front door are very charming, drawing you in.

The dark 1930’s woodwork are perfectly maintained, perhaps too perfect. Perhaps only a sneaky witch could live in such a beautiful vintage home this inviting. This 5 bedroom abode last sold for an incredible bargain in 2017 at only $230,000. It’s been said that only a Witch could have negotiated a deal that good. It’s also been said around town that if you listen very carefully when passing by this house on Halloween night, a small voice beckons “Do come in…”

715 Wilcoxson Ave

Do you like 1930’s homes in this style? Then you might like our recent post on a similar home in Stratford here. These beautiful Tudor style homes were popular in the 1920’s and 1930’s, though they were expensive to build, even back then. After World War II, the focus sadly shifted from craftsmanship to building lots of housing cheap and fast to accommodate the post-war boom.

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