New Construction at 224 Wakelee Ave Stratford, Connecticut

The home at 244 Wakelee Ave in Stratford is a very nice Cape Cod originally built in 1949. It was in a very rundown state as of September 2017, when it was sold to a developer who completely renovated the home. The vacant lot at 224 Wakelee ave (to the left of the home) appears to have also been a part of the sale of number 244. The total deal value was $256,750 for both pieces of property. The renovated home at 244 Wakelee Ave was sold in January 2018 for $344,500 according to public record.

Site of Former Vacant Lot at 224 Wakelee Ave in Stratford, Connecticut

Several years later, it appears that the once vacant and overgrown lot is finally being put to work. To see what the vacant lot originally looked like on Google Street View, click here. A brand new home (pictured above) has been newly constructed on the property at 224 Wakelee Ave and looks to be a real show stopper. The construction team did an incredible job, and we can’t wait to see the finished product soon.

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