91 Woodland Ave, Stratford, CT 06614

Now for sale is a super cute 1920 ranch style bungalow with 1,181 square feet of living space, three bedrooms and two bathrooms. This small vintage home was initially listed for $259,750 but after a recent price drop is now available at $235,000. Incredibly, this home was last sold in November 2016 for only $110,000 which was an incredible buy for this neighborhood.

This 100 year old home is unique to the surrounding area for several reasons: it has a stucco exterior, an unusually large lot size of 9,147 square feet and is a pre-war home. Most property lots in this area are approximately half that size, so they’re in the 5,250 square foot range. Prewar homes (built before 1935) are also more rare to find as the majority of the housing supply in Stratford was developed rapidly after World War II. They just don’t build them as well as these prewar homes anymore! Finally, the stucco exterior is not often seen in this neighborhood, which offers a warm vintage charm.

This little gem is also currently the cheapest single family home on the market right now in Paradise Green, with a large lot size that offers the potential for future expansion. Considering the house right next door is under contract (listing price $349,900) this home may offer a good opportunity for someone to buy, renovate and expand.

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