Edward Dillon Flower Shop Building Circa 1910

To follow up with yesterday’s Halloween post, this wonderful building circa 1910 was looking rather macabre this October. The store front’s windows are filled with witches, pumpkins and a haunted New England charm that only a town like Stratford can provide. The town of Stratford was established in 1639, some fifty years before the Salem Witch trials took place.

This building has long been the home of Edward Dillon Flowers since the 1970’s. Long before it was a flower shop, this small building was a grocery store called WM Lawrence Groceries. You could buy roast beef, coffee and penny candy inside. The building is pictured on page 24 of Stratford’s Postcard History Series available here. Today the original awning and front steps into the building are gone. It would be interesting to know if the original store sign is still around in an attic, barn, or collection.

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